• Black Housing 30W LED post top area light 3000K applied in swimming pool Project's Place: FL,USA   Project's Time: Sept. 2018   Application: Outdoor Swimming Pool    Product: 30W LED post top area light 3000K 100-277VAC 62mm inner diameter   Feedback:  " My client is very like to this led post top light"   30 Watts 3900 Lumens LED Post Top Area Lighting,100W Equivalent Area Light,Post Top LED Luminaire,LED Area Light,LED Area Lighting, 100-277VAC, 120° degrees Beam angle,UL Listed Meanwell Power Supply,Aluminum die-casting heat sinks,it easily outperforms conventional fixtures. High output LED pole top area light type B circular distribution. Wide and uniform 360 degree pattern ideal for large outdoor areas such as parking lots, corporate parks, and retail settings. Perfect for retro-fit projects,LED light output equivalent to 100W metal halide.   China LED Area Lights,Post Top Lights,LED Replacement,LED Retrofit Kits Manufacturer Supplier.  We also supply led wallpack light, led street light, led canopy light, led corn light, led gas station light etc .    Email:info@ok-lite.com Website:www.ok-lite.com
  • Black Housing 50W 75W LED post top area light 5000K led area lights applied in apartment Project's Place: TN,USA   Project's Time: July. 2018   Application: Apartment    Products: 50W 75W LED post top area light 5000K 100-277VAC 62mm inner diameter   Feedback:  " My client is very like to this led post top light"     Project's Place:  Australia  Project's Time: July. 2018 Application: Apartment  Products: 30W LED post top area light inner diameter62mm(2.44in) , 100-277V. 3000K. Installation height: 1.9m-2.5m              Feedback:  I took some pics for you. My client is very like to this led post top light. 75 Watts 9750 Lumens LED Post Top Area Lighting,200W Equivalent Area Light,Post Top LED Luminaire,LED Area Light,LED Area Lighting, 100-277VAC, 120° degrees Beam angle,UL Listed Meanwell Power Supply,Aluminum die-casting heat sinks,it easily outperforms conventional fixtures. High output LED pole top area light type B circular distribution. Wide and uniform 360 degree pattern ideal for large outdoor areas such as parking lots, corporate parks, and retail settings. Perfect for retro-fit projects,LED light output equivalent to 200W metal halide.   China LED Area Lights,Post Top Lights,LED Replacement,LED Retrofit Kits Manufacturer Supplier.  We also supply led wallpack light, led street light, led canopy light, led corn light, led gas station light etc .    Email:info@ok-lite.com Website:www.ok-lite.com

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